Kaylis International was established in 2012 as a premier online and in-store realtor of Fully hand Braided Lace Wigs. Our wigs are fully hand braided by professional braiders, and crafted to look as natural as possible. Our company prides itself on quality, therefore every wig is inspected to meet our exceptional standards.  

Since our inception we've had:


At Kaylis International we value creativity, making a statement, we are proud, quality, and integrity


Note from Owner: 

Hello, everyone and welcome to my dream come true. My name is Chantal Suter and I am the Founder and Owner of Kaylis International. My company was created to revolutionize the world of Braids. In the world we live in today, women no longer have the time to sit down for hours upon hours to get stylish braids. Nor do they have the time to take these braids out just to redo them within a few weeks. However, Kaylis International is dedicated to making the modern women’s life a whole lot easier with our new product “Fully Hand braided Lace Wigs”.

As a wife, mother and professional, I personally understand the struggle women go through everyday trying to find a hairstyle that will make them feel beautiful without having to take too much time out of their busy schedule. One day as I sat in front of the mirror agonizing over what to do with my hair (which I had let grow naturally), I thought of this idea of a fully braided wig. Being a Christian, I truly believe that God gifted me with this idea and from that seat a company was created.

I strive to make sure that the quality of our product is of the best caliber possible. We strive to make our customers wants and needs priority with affordable pricing, great quality and fast shipments. We truly hope that this online store can help you realize your dreams of wearing fully hand braided lace wigs. We thank you for taking the time and shopping with us. We appreciate your business.

Chantal Suter